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1. Select a point at the well or at the water treatment facility. Sampling from the distribution system is not acceptable for Nitrate or Nitrite monitoring credit. Allow water to run approximately 2 to 3 minutes before sampling to clear out the lines.


2. Remove lid from container and fill. Replace lid tightly. Keep samples as cool as possible.


3. Fill out information form as completely as possible. Please include the water system name. PWS number, sample type.The location Tag# also needs to be included if your system has been given one.The Division of Environmental Quality may not give the system credit for the analysis performed if this information is not included. Sample types are as follows:


Plant tap Collection from a well or a point after the treatment facility but prior to the distribution system. This is the required sample type for monitoring compliance credit and the sample type if you follow the above collection instructions.

Raw Water Collection from a point before entry into the water treatment facility.

Distribution - Collection from any point in the distribution system.

Non-Compliance Samples which are drawn for purposes other than compliance.


4. IMPORTANT: Deliver sample to the lab within 48 hours after sampling. If the sample exceeds 48 hours upon final arrival in the lab, the sample will be declared invalid and discarded. DO NOT MAIL SAMPLE ON FRIDAY OR ON A DAY PRIOR TO A HOLIDAY. The lab is not open on Saturday, Sunday or Holidays.



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